Thursday, March 26, 2015

How The WWE Should (Have) Book(ed) Bray Wyatt

The Eater of Worlds.  The New Face of Fear.  The Leader of the Wyatt Family.  That's Bray Wyatt, the best on-mic wrestler in the world today.

For the last month plus he has been calling out The Undertaker with excellent promo, after excellent promo, after excellent promo.  He is alone on the ramp, in the ring, on video.  And he's tremendous.  How many guys could have a feud with themselves?  It's uncanny.  Sure there was some lightning and what not, but this has been all Bray Wyatt.

What Could They Have Done During The Lead Up To Mania ?

Unless Undertaker shocks the world and wrestles a non-Wrestlemania match after Sunday, where will Bray go next and who will be there waiting?  I thought they could have had another wrestler (maybe Sami Zayn, another NXT dude, Bo Dallas, etc.) interfere with Wyatt.  Now I don't want them to distract too much from his great mic work, but in the last one before Mania, why not have a someone set the stage for his next feud?

Will Bray Really Be The New Face Of Fear?

He better win on Sunday.  What does a loss do?  Look at what the Brock Lesnar win over Taker did for his career.  It's gonna be tough to imagine the Undertaker now starting a Wrestlemania losing streak, but a win over Wyatt hurts the product going forward.  Taker hasn't wrestled in a year and he got killed in that match.  The Old Face of Fear doesn't need the win, he's already a mythical creature, give Wyatt the love he deserves with a solid win.

What Will Be Next For Bray Following Wrestlemania?

I'm sure all wrestlers enjoy being out there on their own.  Clearly, Wyatt can hack it.  He doesn't NEED to be in a stable, but he's so good as ones leader.  In the near future struggling characters/wrestlers should seek out Wyatt to be a part of a new family.  (Bo Dallas, his real life brother jumps to mind.)  In fact, they don't know what they're doing with Erick Rowan, so have him come crawling back.

As initiation to join The New Wyatt Family, you have Bray fight these guys.  Get some good matches between Wyatt-Rowan, Wyatt-Dallas, Wyatt-(insert NXT star here), and then BAM, you have a new, dangerous faction.

Who Is Sister Abigail?


Just make it Paige, have her creep it up even more and add her to the stable.  No brainer.

Hopefully the WWE reads this and you're welcome.  

(Final Bray Wyatt promo before Mania...)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Wrestlemania 31 Odds

(Odds courtesy of Bovada.)

WWE World Heavyweight Title Match
Brock Lesnar (champ, +130)
Roman Reigns (-170)

**That was pre Lesnar announcement that he wasn't going to the UFC.**

Updated Odds for Title Fight
Brock Lesnar (champ, -130)
Roman Reigns (-110)

Singles Match
The Undertaker (-350)
Bray Wyatt (+225)

Singles Match
Sting (-700)
Triple H (+400)

Singles Match
Seth Rollins (-135)
Randy Orton (-105)

United States Title Match
Rusev (champ, +275)
John Cena (-450)

Intercontinental Title Ladder Match
Daniel Bryan (3/2)
Dean Ambrose (9/4)
Dolph Ziggler (8/1)
Bad News Barrett (champ, 9/1)
Luke Harper (20/1)
Stardust (25/1)
R-Truth (35/1)

Divas Tag Team Match
A.J. Lee & Paige (-350)
The Bella Twins (+225)

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal
Damien Mizdow (5/4)
Sheamus (7/4)
Ryback (6/1)
Mark Henry (8/1)
Big Show (12/1)
Curtis Axel (18/1)
Kane (18/1)
The Miz (18/1)
Titus O'Neil (25/1)
Fandango (25/1)
Goldust (40/1)
Heath Slater (40/1)
Jack Swagger (40/1)
Sin Cara (40/1)
Zack Ryder (50/1)
Adam Rose (50/1)
Darren Young (50/1)
Konnor (50/1)

Fatal 4-Way Match
Tyson Kidd & Cesaro (7/4)
The New Day (11/4)
Los Matadores (5/1)
The Usos (6/1)

And be sure to listen to the Keefer Madness: Wrestlemania 31 Preview tonight at 9:55 on 98.5 The Sports Hub. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Patriots 2015 Draft Picks

With the compensatory picks being announced tonight here is where the Patriots stand for April/May's NFL Draft.

1st (32)
2nd (64)
3rd (96)
3rd (97, compensatory)
4th (101)
4th (131)
6th (177)
7th (219)
7th (253, compensatory)

E:60 Presents WWE: Behind the Curtain

Cinco de Mayo! I'm in.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Keefe's 90's All- NCAA Tournament Team

1st Team
C - Marcus Camby, UMass
PF - Larry Johnson, UNLV
SF - Paul Pierce, Kansas
SG - Kerry Kittles, Villanova
PG - Jalen Rose, Michigan 

2nd Team
C - Juwon Howard, Michigan
PF - Chris Webber, Michigan
SF - Stacy Augmon, UNLV
SG - Vince Carter, North Carolina 
PG - Mike Bibby, Arizona

3rd Team
C - Rasheed Wallace, North Carolina
PF - Corless Williamson, Arkansas
SF - Antonie Walker, Kentucky
SG - Jimmy King, Michigan
PG - Stephon Marbury, Georgia Tech

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Georgia State: Hunter Hits Shot and Floor

Best moment.

R.J. Hunter hits the game winner as his father and coach falls to the floor.

Look at the background in this one (amateur vine work by me, I know) Hilarious.

Iowa State Screws Me Again


2001 I picked Iowa State to win the whole thing.  They lost to #15 Hampton. Thanks a lot Jamaal Tinsley. 

2014 I picked them to win it all again. They lost in the Sweet 16. 

2015 I picked them to make the title game.  They lost to #14 UAB, before we could even settle in. 

It's my fault really. 

I know you don't care.  But I do.