Monday, April 21, 2014

118th Boston Marathon

Perfect day for 26.2 miles.  I could never run this whole thing so I'm genuinely impressed by those who do.  I went down today and hung out past the finish line.   It was an absolute zoo, hard to get where you wanted.  But great job by police and security and everyone who came out.  

You can see the finish up in the distance there. 

Congrats to this bro!  

Here's what 36,000 waters look like.  

Friday, April 18, 2014

Celtics Draft Positioning

Celtics lost and won a "coin toss" today. The C's were tied with the Jazz for the 4th worst record in the NBA.  They will split odds (as noted in a previous post) but in the off chance neither team gets into the Top 3 they need to determine who is ahead of who to fill it out, and Utah won the toss.

Celtics get the 5th position in the lottery and 1 less combination than the Jazz. 

But on the positive side, Celtics own the Nets pick this year and they were tied with the Wizards. This time they got it, so the Celtics will pick 17th.

A lottery pick (Top 8 guaranteed) and #17.  Not horrible.

UPDATE: The Celtics current lottery odds are now...

1st = 10.3% 2nd = 11.1% 3rd = 12% 4th = 0% 5th = 24.6% 6th = 34.5% 7th = 7% 8th = 0.4%

The Twitter Playoff Hockey OT Game

Very simple.  Predict who will score the game winner in overtime.  And use the hash tag...


Let the best man/woman win!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Keefer Madness NBA Awards

“Ben Wallace Award, for the Worst Free Throw Shooter In the League”
          Andre Drummond, Pistons – 41.8%

“The What Is Wrong With Me Today!?! Award, goes to the players with the Worst FG %”
          Brandon Jennings, Pistons – 37.3%

“The Big O Award, for the player with the most triple-doubles”
          Lance Stephenson, Pacers – 5

Yinka Dare Award, for the players who doesn’t pass and had the fewest assists
          Bismack Biyombo, Bobcats – averaged 0.1 per game, 8 total in 77 games.  1,070 minutes…

Billy Holye Award, for the best white player in the league:
          Kevin Love, Timberwolves, 65 double-doubles (most) 26-12.5

Arvydis Sabonis Award, best international player:
          Goran Dragic, Suns, 20 points, 6 assists

LaRue Martin Award, for the worst 1st overall pick, potentially ever:
          Anthony Bennett, Cavs,  4 pts, 3 rebs, 52 games 12.8 mins per game

Send it in Jerome Award: player with the most dunks this season:
          DeAndre Jordan, Clippers, 245 dunks in 82 games just under 3 per game

Ocean’s 11 Award, for the player pulling off the greatest theft:

          Keith Bogans, Celtics, made $91,967.24 for every minute he played (55 minutes in 6 games, “earned” $5,058,198)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Celtics Lottery Odds

The Celtics (25-57) finished the season TIED with the Utah Jazz for the 4TH WORST RECORD in the NBA.  Because of the tie the C's & Jazz will split ping pong balls/ draft combinations.

Here are their chances for each pick.

1st = 10.35%
2nd = 11.15%
3rd = 12%
4th = 4.95%
5th = 30.6%
6th = 26%
7th = 4.8%
8th = 0.2%

33.5% Top 3

69.05% Top 5

Guaranteed Top 8


Also the BROOKLYN NETS pick (the C's 2nd 1st Round pick this year) will be 17th OR 18th based on a coin flip.  

NBA Playoff Match Ups


1. Indiana Pacers
8. Atlanta Hawks

4. Chicago Bulls
5. Washington Wizards

3. Toronto Raptors
6. Brooklyn Nets

2. Miami Heat
7. Charlotte Bobcats


1. San Antonio Spurs
8. Dallas Mavericks

4. Houston Rockets
5. Portland Trail Blazers

3. Los Angeles Clippers
6. Golden State Warriors

2. Oklahoma City Thunder
7. Memphis Grizzlies